​             Victory Healthcare Institute​

Victory Healthcare Institute was established in 2013 as a non - traditional  private secondary school providing Natural Health and Wellness Continuing Education for Health care  professionals and certificate programs for those interested in working in the Natural Health field. Victory Healthcare Institute also offers  many other professional certification programs in partnership with  several colleges and institutions of higher learning.

 The school was founded by our president, Dr. Theresa Turner, an ordained Christian minister and licensed Doctor of Pastoral Medicine. She is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, and a  licensed Registered Nurse.  She is also a certified Nurse Aide Instructor, and certified as a Health and Professional Business Coach.

​Dr. Turner began her career and worked many years as a registered nurse. Later she became a corporate nurse trainer and provided ongoing education and clinical skills validation for health care professionals.  She served as vice president of operations for a national health care company and  managed operations for over 40  locations. She continued her education in Natural Health. She is in practice as a Naturopath and runs a successful clinic with her husband Dr. John Turner, DC. They have been in practice now for over 30 years.

  Our programs provide extensive on line training in natural and alternative health  based on biblical principals but also incorporates valuable information form a medical perspective to help you understand the relationships, and contrasts between traditional and non traditional methods of healing.

   Our staff is comprised of a group of compassionate  experienced practitioners here to help you on your learning journey. We are excited about helping people learn to live healthy fulfilling lives.

Our Mission:  Our Mission at Victory Healthcare Institute is to provide a comprehensive and valuable education to those seeking to learn how to help and care for others naturally and to promote and encourage confidence and competency of our students transforming their lives and the lives of those they serve.  

​​Join  Victory Healthcare Institute today and start changing lives beginning with yours.